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P0201 Code Driving Me Mad

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Posted 13 November 2018 - 11:50 AM

I have a galaxy mk 3 1.8tdci 2008.
Back in May I was in outside lane of M1 near Toddington service when engine malfunction came on along with the skidding car light on dash went into limp mode (scary to say the least). Managed to get to inside lane and limped to next junction to get off motorway, stopped for about 30 mins then started car fault appeared to be cleared and off we went for about 100 miles then same again.
This has been going on and off ever since. Always same fault code P0201 open circuit. Bit the bullet and got a new injector fitted mid October, great for about 100 miles then engine malfunction code P0201 again. Had auto electrician out but could not identify any problems. Faults cleared ran car for a week and here we go engine malfunction limp mode code P0201 so auto electrician back out and again could not replicate the problem so suggested swap no 1 injector with no 2. If fault appears as P0201 possible pcm problem if fault follows injector and comes up P0202 then injector faulty.
Well P0202 appeared so injector problem? Garage replaced the new injector under warranty with another new injector that was Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon after a 30 mile journey engine malfunction limp mode. Got home put Forscan on fault code P0202, fault would not clear. Took back to garage Monday he swapped injectors back so new injector no2 into No1 and old injector no1 into no 2. Fault came back P0201.
The fault appears to follow the new injector which suggests faulty injector but of cause the injector suppliers are not convinced. Garage is getting a bit awkward ''can't keep replacing injectors'' ''could be a harness problem?'' If it was the harness logic tells me it would not follow the injector or would it?
Any advise would be gratefully appreciated. :(

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Posted 14 November 2018 - 07:00 PM

If it follows the injector, that suggests to me its the injector. If they won't swap it out at this point your best bet might be to say put it on injector 3/4 and see if it follows, if it does follow that should prove the issue is with the injector rather than the harness itself (as it would still be following it). This should also prove that the harness is ok if the errors disappear from injectors 1/2 after doing so.