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Speedo Issues

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#1 Trislander


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Posted 28 February 2019 - 09:15 PM

Any help appreciated
Last month or so my speedo has stopped working during wet weather and now also abs light and hand break light comes on also. Resets when engine started again only for it to come back on. Also drives in limp mode when this happens
Rev counter works fine
Changed the clocks but same issue
Maybe water in a wiring somewhere ??
Any thoughts ??
2007 galaxy tdi manual

#2 BrianH


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Posted 08 March 2019 - 10:50 PM

I would suspect that the ABS sensor is the source of your woes. But can't guarantee anything on that front. First port of call is to find out whats causing the abs light to come on (my guess would be one of the wheel sensors, but you need to know which one) and fix that (might be a sensor, not sure how the ones on the mk3 work if theres a reluctor ring involved or if its part of the hub). First port of call is diagnostics to find the exact error, Forscan might do that (It can speak to Ford PATS on the mk2 as i've used it for that, only needs the matching lead, I found one for less that £20) a generic obd reader won't do it. Forscan is free, you can download it from the website https://forscan.org/ There is also lots of info and a forum there, so you should be able to find if that will do it before buying a lead (and buying a lead will be less than a diagnostic check at a garage is likley to be)