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Clutch Pedal Lasts 21,500m & Breaks Mastercylinder

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Posted 27 September 2004 - 11:52 PM

Anyone else had this happen? I am sure some of you have. I was in the local Ford Dealer's today, with the clutch pedal in my hand. From out of the blue, a gentleman said:

"Bet that's off a Focus, same thing happened to my wife's when it was under warrantee, the pin breaks off and that snaps the plastic arm on the master cylinder!"

This happened on my 2002 Focus, [which I imported brand new from Spain RHD, to full British specification, through a British agent, TDDI estate LX] after only 21500 miles. The car is 28 months old and Ford have refused to accept any responsibility, or contribute toward repair, and claim that they are not familiar with this problem, which I find hard to believe, because when I was at the local dealer today, a gentleman saw the pedal in my hand and said, "Is that off a Focus? The pin snaps and breaks the plastic arm, the same happened to my wife's Focus when it was under warranty." It so annoys me when a manufacture chooses to generate money out of their own elementary fault, instead of shoulder responsibility.

With the help of my new Haynes Manual, I did the work myself having bought a new master cylinder, and got the pin welded to the pedal properly by an engineering firm for 2. Ford had wanted to sell me a new faulty pedal for about 50!

Please do say if this also happened to you. If enough of us post, and expose what could possibly be their racket, maybe Ford will reimburse us the cost of our master cylinders or better, the full repair cost.

Regards, Alan.