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ford galaxy owners club faq ford galaxy owners club

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#1 NikpV


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Posted 09 April 2006 - 05:37 PM

Here are a set of links to useful posts from the forum - many with pictures.

Thanks to all the original posters and the time they have spent making these posts all I have done is collected together all the links from this thread into one place

Useful external links

Three versions - pictures and links

1. Aux heater thread with pictures photos are on page 6
2. Anti-roll bar links with pictures
3. Changing auto gearbox fluid
4. Removing door card MkII
5. Repairing rear washer pipe with pictures
6. Changing glowplugs from SeatKid (Mk1)
7. Coding Sharan remote keyfob and Galaxy mk2
8. Changing TDI cambelt
9. Changing pollen filter in Pictures
10. MkII PATS key programming
11. Reset service interval indicator
12. Removing climate control module (MkII)
13. Removing tailgate door card
14. Clearing passenger side scuttle drain (Mk1)
15. Removing rear bumper MkII
16. Can only select higher gears
17. Diagnosing parking sensor problems
18. Removing squab, backrest and tracks from rear seats
19. MKII After-run Water pump change
20. Changing temperature readout on aircon - MKI and MKII
21. Cruise control - petrol - common causes
22. Intermitent starting and cutting out MKII 2.3
23. Remove rear trim panels and C,D pillar trim panels
24. Luggage cover and tailgate scuff plate
25. Coil problems, testing and pictures
26. Vacuum Piping and the Turbo Boost Control Post was incorrect and so deleted
27. hints for brake switch installation
28. Air-Con temperature chart - problem diagnosis
29. Changing the MAF Cartridge - With Pictures
30. Changing the MAF - With Pictures
31. Examining wires in door to pillar rubber boot
32. Petrol smell and carbon cannister
33. Removing standard Head unit
34. Kilometer - Miles Odometer display
35. replacing the evaporator
36. replacing relay 30 (27 on mk2)
37. replacing the spare wheel winch
38. Programming Infra-red key Mk1
39. Mk1 changing discs and pads
40. Service schedules in PDF format
41. V6 Oil Change with Pics
42. Thermostat replacement V6 thanks Vanbursta
43. Detailed instructions for Reparing wires in Door gaiters
44. Soldering Instruction Guide, Joining And Splicing Properly
45. unseizing wiper mechanism in pictures
46. Bumper removal - Front & another Rear
47. does the mtx75 Gearbox fit in the galaxy (vtx75) - Differences
48. Mk1 door card removal
49. Temp sensor Mk2 115 Pd
50. Noisy Aux belt at Idle - TDI 115, 130, 150 Alternator pulley problem
51. Mk2 Headlamp levelling motor - regreasing- with photos
52. Solving Vag-Com connection problems
53. Testing and Changing injector loom MK2 PD engine - HINTS
54. Replacing brushes in after run pump mk2 TDI
55. Spark Plug Replacement 2.3 Engine
56. Changing the water temp sensor Mk2 Tdi
57. Abs Sensor ring check (with photos)
58. Fitting new sun roof
59. Problems with ISV
60. Diagnosing wiper problems
61. Repairing spare wheel winch + photos
62. Flickering oil light 2.3 mk2
63. Wireless central locking component diagram MK2
64. Replacing Front brake discs and pads
65. Removal of drivers airbag, Steering wheel and multifunction switches
66 Replacement of window mechanism Mk2 drivers door
67. Diagnosing overheating problems
68. Wiper linkage pictures
69. Door led codes
70. Replacing handbrake cable
71. Removing Ecu
72. Removing rear Bumper
73. Cleaning intake manifold - diesel
74. Mk1 Ecu removal
75. Alternative to after run pump mk2 TDi
76. Sticking clutch pedal
77. Front bumper removal Mk2
78. Replacing indicator relay

79. Soft unresponsive brakes

To add further links to this thread now it is locked you should

Add a reply to this thread here

One of the moderators can then add the post to the FAQ section and delete the request post.

To all those who post pictures to threads which may be included in the FAQ, could you please upload the picture rather than link it. I am aware that storage and bandwidth for the site will increase but it doesn't rely on other sites being up and available. You can edit the post later to upload the picture if it subsequently appears in the FAQ if the site setting prevent you then PM a moderator/admin and they can sort it for us.

Many thanks to all who have contributed

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#2 Gteuk


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Posted 30 June 2012 - 05:05 PM

This section is broken and may takes some time to fix, I will try to fix it tomorrow by creating a mirror site with the old navigation structure. so then I can find the specific threads again to reclibrate the links.

#3 gregers


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Posted 30 June 2012 - 06:09 PM

just clicked on a few and they appeared to be working A OK??

according to a few members it seems there is still a problem with accessing the faqs using certain browsers.
try installing firefox it seems to work ok for myself.

Edited by gregers, 29 December 2012 - 11:23 PM.

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